OTA device firmware update

Also see the OTA firmware update usage guide.

# Optional: OTA update settings
# See https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/guide/usage/ota_updates.html for more info
    # Optional: use IKEA TRADFRI OTA test server, see OTA updates documentation (default: false)
    ikea_ota_use_test_url: false
    # Minimum time between OTA update checks
    update_check_interval: 1440
    # Disable automatic update checks
    disable_automatic_update_check: false

OTA Index override file

    zigbee_ota_override_index_location: my_index.json

Value of this key is a file name in the configuration directory (next to configuration.yaml). The file name could be also a full path to the file, taking into account that host file system may not be available when running Zigbee2MQTT inside a docker container.

Alternatively, Zigbee2MQTT supports index files located on a remote HTTP(s) server. In this case zigbee_ota_override_index_location key should be an URL of the index file.

Please refer to OTA firmware update usage guide for more details how Zigbee2MQTT fetches OTA images, how to add an image for a DIY device, or how to override official images with other ones.