Flashing via UNIFLASH

UNIFLASH can be used to flash certain Texas Instruments MCUs (e.g. CC26X2R1 and CC1352P-2). It runs on Windows, macOS and Linux.

n.b. UNIFLASH sometimes needs to update the programmer firmware, and this can fail if the device is connected to a USB 3 port. If this occurs, switch to a USB 2 port.

Note for flashing on Linux: Uniflash does not work well on some distributions. specifically, Fedora 31 may have some issue. Combinations that are verified to be working are:

  • Ubuntu 18.4 (LTS):
    • fresh install
    • # sudo apt install libgconf-2-4
    • # sudo apt install libusb-0.1-4
    • ... then follow the instructions below


  1. Download and install UNIFLASH: download linkopen in new window
  2. Plug your device
  3. Start UNIFLASH, your device will automatically be detected, press StartStart
  4. Go to Settings & Utilities -> Manual Erase and press Erase Entire FlashErase
  5. Go to Settings & Utilities -> Program Load and select All Unprotected Sectors, click Perform Blank CheckLoad
  6. Go to Program -> Flash Image(s), press Browse to select the firmware. Ensure that the path and file name do not contain any spaces (otherwise flashing may fail with "Error! Unable to open file ...").
  7. Now click Load image to upload the firmware Load
  8. Done!