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Enbrighten 43080 #

Model 43080
Vendor Enbrighten
Description Zigbee in-wall smart dimmer
Supports on/off, brightness
Picture Enbrighten 43080

Notes #

LED status indicator #

To change the LED status indicator press the top of rocker 3 times and then the bottom of the rocker 1 time. This will cycle between these modes:

  1. LED is ON when the load if OFF (Default)
  2. LED is ON when the load if ON
  3. LED is always OFF

Pairing #

Factory reset the dimmer by pressing the top of the rocker 10 times quickly.

Device type specific configuration #

How to use device type specific configuration

Manual Home Assistant configuration #

Although Home Assistant integration through MQTT discovery is preferred, manual integration is possible with the following configuration:

  - platform: "mqtt"
    state_topic: "zigbee2mqtt/<FRIENDLY_NAME>"
    availability_topic: "zigbee2mqtt/bridge/state"
    brightness: true
    schema: "json"
    command_topic: "zigbee2mqtt/<FRIENDLY_NAME>/set"
    brightness_scale: 254

  - platform: "mqtt"
    state_topic: "zigbee2mqtt/<FRIENDLY_NAME>"
    availability_topic: "zigbee2mqtt/bridge/state"
    icon: "mdi:signal"
    unit_of_measurement: "lqi"
    value_template: "{{ value_json.linkquality }}"