OTA updates #

An ongoing discussion about this feature can be found here: #2921

This feature allows to update your Zigbee devices over-the-air.

Not all manufacturers make their updates available, therefore only the following devices support it:

Automatic checking for available updates #

Your zigbee devices can request a firmware update check. Zigbee2MQTT obliges this, and will automatically check if updates are available for your devices.

The update state will be published to zigbee2mqtt/[DEVICE_FRIENDLY_NAME], example payload: {"update": {"state": "available"}}. The possible states are:

To protect privacy it is possible to limit how often third party servers may be contacted. You can set the minimum time that should pass between two firmware update checks, in minutes. The default is 1440 minutes (1 day). Here it is set to check at most every two days:

    update_check_interval: 2880

It is also possible to completely ignore these device-initiated requests for updates checks by modifying the configuration.yaml file. In the example below, only manual firmware update checks will be possible:

    disable_automatic_update_check: true

NOTE: there is also a property update_available which is deprecated.

Manually check if an update is available #

To check if an update is available for your device send a message to zigbee2mqtt/bridge/request/device/ota_update/check with payload {"id": "deviceID"} or deviceID where deviceID can be the ieee_address or friendly_name of the device. Example; request: {"id": "my_remote"} or my_remote, response: {"data":{"id": "my_remote","updateAvailable":true},"status":"ok"}.

Update to latest firmware #

Once an update is available you can update it by sending to zigbee2mqtt/bridge/request/device/ota_update/update with payload {"id": "deviceID"} or deviceID where deviceID can be the ieee_address or friendly_name of the device, example request: {"id": "my_remote"} or my_remote. Once the update is completed a response is send, example response: {"data":{"id": "my_remote","from":{"software_build_id":1,"date_code":"20190101"},"to":{"software_build_id":2,"date_code":"20190102"}},"status":"ok"}.

An update typically takes +- 10 minutes. While a device is updating a lot of traffic is generated on the network, therefore it is not recommend to execute multiple updates at the same time.

Using the IKEA TRADFRI test server #

The current published firmwares (as of 2020-12-09) by IKEA are corrupted which makes the devices reject the update. The firmwares published on the IKEA test server are not corrupted. You can instruct Zigbee2MQTT to use the test server by adding the following to your configuration.yaml.

WARNING: Use at your own risk!

  ikea_ota_use_test_url: true

Troubleshooting #