OTA updates #

This is an experimental feature, ongoing discussion can be found here: #2921

This feature allows to update your Zigbee devices over-the-air.

Not all manufacturers make their updates available, therefore only the following devices support it:

Zigbee2MQTT automatically checks if updates are available for your devices. In case an update is available it will publish zigbee2mqtt/[DEVICE_FRIENLDY_NAME] payload {"update_available": true}.

Check if an update is available #

To check if an update is available for your device send a message to zigbee2mqtt/bridge/ota_update/check with payload DEVICE_FRIENDLY_NAME.

Update to latest firmware #

Once an update is available, send to zigbee2mqtt/bridge/ota_update/update with payload DEVICE_FRIENDLY_NAME to update your device. An update typically takes +- 10 minutes. While a device is updating a lot of traffic is generated on the network, therefore it is not recommend to execute multiple updates at the same time.

The Zigbee2MQTT log will show the progress of the OTA update.

Troubleshooting #