MQTT topics and message structure

This page describes which MQTT topics are used by Zigbee2mqtt. Note that the base topic (by default zigbee2mqtt) is configurable in the Zigbee2mqtt configuration.yaml.


zigbee2mqtt publishes the bridge state to this topic. Possible message are:


zigbee2mqtt publishes it configuration to this topic containing the log_level and permit_join.


zigbee2mqtt will output log to this endpoint. Message are always in the form of {"type":"TYPE","message":"MESSAGE"}. Possible message types are:


Allows you to retrieve all connected devices. Publish an empty payload to this topic. Response will be published to zigbee2mqtt/bridge/config/devices.


Allows you to permit joining of new devices via MQTT. This is not persistent (will not be saved to configuration.yaml). Possible messages are:


Allows you to set the advanced -> last_seen configuration option. See Configuration for possible values.


Allows you to set the advanced -> elapsed configuration option. See Configuration for possible values.


Resets the ZNP (CC2530/CC2531).


Allows you to switch the log_level during runtime. This is not persistent (will not be saved to configuration.yaml). Possible payloads are: "debug", "info", "warn", "error".


Allows you to change device specific options during runtime. Options can only be changed, not added or deleted. The payload should be a JSON message, example:

  "friendly_name": "motion_sensor_toilet",
  "options": {
    "occupancy_timeout": 100


Allows you to remove devices from the network. Payload should be the friendly_name, e.g. 0x00158d0001b79111. On successful remove a device_removed message is send.


Allows you to ban devices from the network. Payload should be the friendly_name, e.g. 0x00158d0001b79111. On successful ban a device_banned message is send.


Allows you to whitelist devices in the network. Payload should be the friendly_name, e.g. 0x00158d0001b79111. On successful ban a device_whitelisted message is send. Note that when devices are whitelisted, all device which are not whitelisted will be removed from the network.


Allows you to change the friendly_name of a device on the fly. Format should be: {"old": "OLD_FRIENDLY_NAME", "new": "NEW_FRIENDLY_NAME"}.


Allows you to add a group, payload should be the name of the group, e.g. my_group.


Allows you to remove a group, payload should be the name of the group, e.g. my_group.


WARNING: During the networkmap scan your network will be not/less responsive. Depending on the size of your network this can take somewhere between 10 seconds and 2 minutes. Therefore it is recommended to only trigger these scans manually!

Allows you to retrieve a map of your zigbee network. Possible payloads are raw and graphviz. Zigbee2mqtt will send the networkmap to topic zigbee2mqtt/bridge/networkmap/[graphviz OR raw].
Use or other Tools to generate Network Graph.
NOTE: zigbee2mqtt 1.2.1+ required.

The graphviz map shows the devices as follows:

Links are labelled with link quality (0..255) and active routes (listed by short 16 bit destination address). Arrow indicates direction of messaging. Coordinator and routers will typically have two lines for each connection showing bi-directional message path. Line style is:

To request a networkmap with routes use zigbee2mqtt/bridge/networkmap/routes as topic.


See Groups


See Binding


Returns the list of groups a device is in, and its group capacity.


Where [DEVICE_ID] is E.G. 0x00158d0001b79111. Message published to this topic are always in a JSON format. Each device produces a different JSON message, some examples:

Xiaomi MiJia temperature & humidity sensor (WSDCGQ01LM)

  "temperature": 27.34,
  "humidity": 44.72

Xiaomi MiJia wireless switch (WXKG01LM)

  "click": "double"

Xiaomi MiJia human body movement sensor (RTCGQ01LM)

  "occupancy": true

IKEA TRADFRI LED bulb E27 980 lumen, dimmable, white spectrum, opal white (LED1545G12)

  "state": "ON",
  "brightness": 215,
  "color_temp": 325

Xiaomi Aqara curtain motor (ZNCLDJ11LM)

  "position": 60,       // Value between 0 and 100, (0 - closed / 100 - open)
  "running": true,      // Curtain is moving


Publishing messages to this topic allows you to control your Zigbee devices via MQTT. Only accepts JSON messages. An example to control a Philips Hue Go (7146060PH).

  "state": "ON", // Or "OFF", "TOGGLE"
  "brightness": 255, // Value between 0 and 255
  "color_temp": 155,
  "color": {
    // XY color
    "x": 0.123,
    "y": 0.123,

    // OR

    // RGB color
    "r": 46,
    "g": 102,
    "b": 193,

    // OR

    // HEX color
    "hex": "#547CFF",

    // OR

    // Hue and/or saturation color
    "hue": 360,
    "saturation": 100

  // Blinks the bulbs, possible values:
  // - "select": single blink
  // - "lselect": blinking for a longer time
  // - "none": stop blinking
  "alert": "select",

  // Specifies the number of seconds the transition to this state takes (0 by default).
  "transition": 3,

transition specifies the number of seconds the transition to this state takes (0 by default).

Remove attributes which are not supported for your device. E.G. in case of a Xiaomi Mi power plug ZigBee (ZNCZ02LM) only send the "state" attribute.

Without JSON

In case you don’t want to use JSON, publishing to zigbee2mqtt/[DEVICE_ID]/set/state with payload ON is the same as publishing to zigbee2mqtt/[DEVICE_ID]/set

  "state": "ON"


This is the counterpart of the set command. It allows you to read a value from a device. To read e.g. the state of a device send the payload:

  "state": ""


Only used when homeassistant: true in configuration.yaml. Required for Home Assistant MQTT discovery.

Device specific

Device specific commands are always send to the topic: zigbee2mqtt/[DEVICE_ID]/set. Some commands also support reading of current value by sending request to zigbee2mqtt/[DEVICE_ID]/get. Below you will find the possible payloads.

Philips Hue power-on behavior

Sets the Philips Hue power-on behavior which was introduced with the November/December ‘18 firmware update.

  "hue_power_on_behavior": "on",          //default, on, off, recover, default = on
  "hue_power_on_brightness": 125,         //default, same values as brightness, default = 255
  "hue_power_on_color_temperature": 280,  //default, same values as color_temp, default = 366
Attribute Value Description
default reset to factory default value
on lamps on after power loss with configured brightness, color-temperature, color (to-do)
off lamps off after power loss
recover last running state after power loss

Philips Hue motion detector (SML001)

Sets the sensors timeout between last motion detected and sensor reports occupance false

    // Value >= 0,
    // 0 - 10: 10sec (min possible timeout)
    //   > 10: timeout in sec
    // (must be written to (default) endpoint 2)
    "occupancy_timeout": 0,

Xiaomi Aqara vibration sensor (DJT11LM)

Set the sensitivity of the sensor. NOTE: As this device is sleeping most of the time, right before sending this command press the button on the device.

  "sensitivity": "medium"     // Possible values: 'low', 'medium', 'high'

Xiaomi MiJia gas leak detector (JTQJBF01LMBW)

Set/read the sensitivity of the sensor.

  "sensitivity": "medium"     // Possible values; to set: 'low', 'medium', 'high'; to read: 'read'

Execute selftest

  "selftest": ""

Xiaomi Aqara curtain motor (ZNCLDJ11LM)

Set the state of the curtain.

  "state": "open"       // Possible values to set: 'open', 'close', 'stop'

Set the position of the curtain.

  "position": 50      // Possible values to set: 0 - 100 (0 - closed / 100 - open)

Xiaomi Aqara wired wall switch (QBKG03LM, QBKG04LM, QBKG12LM and QBKG11LM)

Decoupled mode allows to turn wired switch into wireless button with separately controlled relay. This might be useful to assign some custom actions to buttons and control relay remotely. This command also allows to redefine which button controls which relay for double switch.

Special topics should be used:

zigbee2mqtt/[DEVICE_ID]/system/set to modify operation mode.


  "operation_mode": {
    "button": "single"|"left"|"right",
    "state": "VALUE"
Values Description
control_relay Button directly controls relay (for single switch)
control_left_relay Button directly controls left relay (for double switch)
control_right_relay Button directly controls right relay (for double switch)
decoupled Button doesn’t control any relay

zigbee2mqtt/[DEVICE_ID]/system/get to read current mode.


  "operation_mode": {
    "button": "single"|"left"|"right"

Response will be sent to zigbee2mqtt/[DEVICE_ID]:


SmartThings arrival sensor (STS-PRS-251)

Let the device beep.

  "beep": 5

Osram/Sylvania LED (Various)

Set default power on/off transition ‘osram_set_transition’

Various Osram/Sylvania LED support setting a default transition when turning a light on and off.

  "osram_set_transition": 0.1,            //time in seconds (integer or float)

Remember current light state ‘osram_remember_state’

Various Osram/Sylvania LED support remembering their current state in case of power loss, or if a light is manually switched off then on. Lights will remember their respective attributes (i.e. brightness, color, saturation, etc.). NOTE: This must be executed everytime you make changes to a light’s attributes for it to then ‘remember’ it.

  "osram_remember_state": true,            // true, false (boolean)

eCozy Smart heating thermostat (1TST-EU), Bitron Wireless wall thermostat with relay (AV2010/32)

Get local temperature in degrees Celsius (in the range 0x954d to 0x7fff, i.e. -273.15°C to 327.67 ºC)

  "local_temperature": ""

Get or set offset added to/subtracted from the actual displayed room temperature to NUMBER, in steps of 0.1°C

  "local_temperature_calibration": "NUMBER"       // Possible values: –2.5 to +2.5; leave empty to read

Set temperature display mode

  "temperature_display_mode": ""      // Possible values: 0 to set °C or 1 so set °F

Get room occupancy. Specifies whether the heated/cooled space is occupied or not. If 1, the space is occupied, else it is unoccupied.

  "thermostat_occupancy": ""

Get or set occupied heating setpoint to NUMBER in degrees Celsius.

  "occupied_heating_setpoint": "NUMBER"       // Possible values: MinHeatSetpointLimit to  MaxHeatSetpointLimit, i.e. 7 to 30 by default; leave empty to read

Get or set unoccupied heating setpoint to NUMBER in degrees Celsius

  "unoccupied_heating_setpoint": "NUMBER"       // Possible values: MinHeatSetpointLimit to MaxHeatSetpointLimit, i.e. 7 to 30 by default; leave empty to read

Increase or decrease heating setpoint by NUMBER degrees in °C.

  "setpoint_raise_lower": {
    "mode": "0x00",       // Possible values: see table below
    "amount": "NUMBER"    // Possible values: signed 8-bit integer that specifies the amount the setpoint(s) are to be increased (or decreased) by, in steps of 0.1°C
Attribute Value Description
0x00 Heat (adjust Heat Setpoint)
0x01 Cool (adjust Cool Setpoint)
0x02 Both (adjust Heat Setpoint and Cool Setpoint)

Get or set whether the local temperature, outdoor temperature and occupancy are being sensed by internal sensors or remote networked sensors

  "remote_sensing": "NUMBER"      // Possible values: see table below; leave empty to read
Bit Number Description
0 0 – local temperature sensed internally
1 – local temperature sensed remotely
1 0 – outdoor temperature sensed internally
1 – outdoor temperature sensed remotely
2 0 – occupancy sensed internally
1 – occupancy sensed remotely

Get or set control sequence of operation

  "control_sequence_of_operation": "VALUE"       // Possible values: see table below; leave empty to read
Values Possible Values of SystemMode
cooling only Heat and Emergency are not possible
cooling with reheat Heat and Emergency are not possible
heating only Cool and precooling are not possible
heating with reheat Cool and precooling are not possible
cooling and heating 4-pipes All modes are possible
cooling and heating 4-pipes with reheat All modes are possible

Get or set system mode

  "system_mode": "VALUE"       // Possible values: see table below; leave empty to read
emergency heating
fan only

Get running state

  "running_state": ""       // leave empty when reading

Possible values:


Valve position / heating demand

  "pi_heating_demand": 0       // leave empty when reading

Will report the valve position or heating amount depending on device. 0=min, 255=max

Get or set weekly schedule

  "weekly_schedule": {
    "TemperatureSetpointHold": "0x00",                // 0x00 setpoint hold off or 0x01 on
    "TemperatureSetpointHoldDuration": "0xffff",      // 0xffff to 0x05a0
    "ThermostatProgrammingOperationMode": "00xxxxxx"  //see table below
  }                                                   // leave empty to read
Attribute Value Description
0 0 – Simple/setpoint mode. This mode means the thermostat setpoint is altered only by manual up/down changes at the thermostat or remotely, not by internal schedule programming.
1 – Schedule programming mode. This enables or disables any programmed weekly schedule configurations.
Note: It does not clear or delete previous weekly schedule programming configurations.
1 0 - Auto/recovery mode set to OFF
1 – Auto/recovery mode set to ON
2 0 – Economy/EnergyStar mode set to OFF
1 – Economy/EnergyStar mode set to ON

Clear weekly schedule

  "clear_weekly_schedule": ""

Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee specific attributes

Current heating setpoint

  "current_heating_setpoint": 21.5

Current heating setpoint is also modified when occupied or unoccupied heating setpoint is set.

Eurotronic system mode

This is a bitmap encoded field to set several device specific features. Please remind it is not possible to set single bits, always the full bitmap is written. Bit 0 doesnt seem to be writeable, it is always reported as set, so expect your written value + 1 to be reported.

Bit Position
0 unknown (default 1)
1 Mirror display
2 Boost
3 unknown
4 disable window open
5 set window open (is reported as disable window open)
6 unknown
7 Child protection

Examples for eurotronic_system_mode:

Mirror display, reported as 3

  "eurotronic_system_mode": 2

signal external window open, current_heating_setpoint will report “5”, device display shows “OFF”

  "eurotronic_system_mode": 32

signal external window close, will restore last current_heating_setpoint value

  "eurotronic_system_mode": 16

Mirror display and set child protection.

  "eurotronic_system_mode": 66

Eurotronic error status

  "eurotronic_error_status": 0

This field is a readonly bitmap

Bit Position
0 reserved
1 reserved
2 reserved
3 Valve adaption failed (E1)
4 Valve movement too slow (E2)
5 Valve not moving/blocked (E3)
6 reserved
7 reserved