Flashing via UNIFLASH #

UNIFLASH can be used to flash certain Texas Instruments MCUs (e.g. CC26X2R1 and CC1352P-2). It runs on Windows, macOS and Linux.

n.b. UNIFLASH sometimes needs to update the programmer firmware, and this can fail if the device is connected to a USB 3 port. If this occurs, switch to a USB 2 port.

Note for flashing on Linux: Uniflash does not work well on some distributions. specifically, Fedora 31 may have some issue. Combinations that are verified to be working are:

Instructions #

  1. Download and install UNIFLASH: download link
  2. Plug your device
  3. Start UNIFLASH, your device will automatically be detected, press Start Start
  4. Go to Settings & Utilities -> Manual Erase and press Erase Entire Flash Erase
  5. Go to Settings & Utilities -> Program Load and select All Unprotected Sectors, click Perform Blank Check Load
  6. Go to Program -> Flash Image(s), press Browse to select the firmware. Ensure that the path and file name do not contain any spaces (otherwise flashing may fail with β€œError! Unable to open file …”).
  7. Now click Load image to upload the firmware Load
  8. Done!