Debug #

In case Zigbee2mqtt isn’t working as expected the following tips can help you in finding the problem.

Enabling logging #

Zigbee2mqtt debug logging #

To enable debug logging for Zigbee2mqtt add the following in your configuration.yaml

  log_level: debug

Zigbee-herdsman debug logging #

To enable debug logging for Zigbee-herdman start zigbee2mqtt with: DEBUG=zigbee-herdsman* npm start. Zigbee-herdsman is the Zigbee library where Zigbee2mqtt is based up-on

Docker #

To enable debug logging in the Zigbee2mqtt Docker container add -e DEBUG=zigbee-herdsman* to your docker run command. addon #

Set "zigbee_herdsman_debug": true in the configuration.

Change log level during runtime #

See MQTT topics and message structure