Frequently asked questions

Can Zigbee stick X be supported?

Unless the stick supports Texas Instruments Z-Stack, no. Zigbee2mqtt is based on zigbee-shepherd, zigbee-shepherd is based on Texas Instruments Z-Stack which means that only Z-Stack based device can be supported.

I read that zigbee2mqtt has a limit of 25 devices, is this true?

Definitely not! The zigbee2mqtt firmware indeed supports 25 devices connected directly to the coordinator. However, by having routers in your network the network size can be extended. Probably all AC powered devices e.g. bulbs serve as a router, you can even use another CC2530/CC2531 as a router (which has a limit of 21 devices). Various zigbee2mqtt users have reported that networks of 40+ nodes work without problems.


When using the Zigbee2mqtt coordinator firmware + 2 CC2531 routers your device limit will be: