What do I need? #

In order to run zigbee2mqtt we need the following hardware:

Name Price Picture
CC2531 USB sniffer (*) +-5$ on AliExpress CC2531 USB sniffer
CC debugger (**) +-9$ on AliExpress CC debugger
CC2531 downloader cable (*) +-2$ on AliExpress Downloader cable CC2531
Supported Zigbee device(s) - Zigbee devices
PC or Raspberry Pi (*) to run bridge - Raspberry Pi
Highly recommended: Male to female USB extension cable (why?) +-2$ USB extension cable

(*) NOTE 1: If you plan on building a large network (25/30+ devices) consider using a more powerful adapter like the Electrolama zig-a-zig-ah! or Texas Instruments LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1 as the CC2531 might not be powerful enough resulting in stability issues. Note that for these adapters the flashing procedure is different (see linked page) and no CC debugger and CC2531 downloader cable is needed.

(**) NOTE 2: It is also possible to flash the CC2531 sniffer with a Raspberry Pi or an MCU like the Arduino or ESP8266 without a CC debugger. This however requires you to buy 4 female-female Dupont cables. You will also need to bend the debug pins on your CC2531 if you don’t want to buy a downloader cable too.

What’s next? #

Flashing the CC2531 USB stick