What do I need? #

In order to run Zigbee2MQTT we need the following hardware:

Name Price Picture
Supported Zigbee adapter 5$ - 40$ CC2531 USB sniffer
Supported Zigbee device(s) - Zigbee devices
PC or Raspberry Pi (*) to run bridge - Raspberry Pi
Highly recommended: Male to female USB extension cable (why?) +-2$ USB extension cable

Supported Zigbee adapter #

Zigbee2MQTT supports a variety of Zigbee adapters, the full list can be found here. What adapter to chose depends on your requirements in terms of price, size, connection (USB vs GPIO) and network size. However most users can use the following rule of thumb:

Flashing the adapter #

Before your Zigbee adapter can be used with Zigbee2MQTT it needs to be flashed with a custom firmware. This process varies per adapter and is described on the Supported adapters page. If an adapter provides both a router and coordinator firmware, use the coordinator firmware.

Whatโ€™s next? #

Running Zigbee2MQTT