What do I need? #

In order to run zigbee2mqtt we need the following hardware:

Name Price Picture
CC debugger (*) +-9$ on AliExpress CC debugger
CC2531 USB sniffer +-5$ on AliExpress CC2531 USB sniffer
Downloader cable CC2531 (*) +-2$ on AliExpress Downloader cable CC2531
Supported Zigbee device(s) - Zigbee devices
PC or Raspberry Pi (*) to run bridge - Raspberry Pi
Optional: Male to female USB extension cable (why?) +-2$ USB extension cable

(*) NOTE: It is also possible to flash the CC2531 sniffer with a Raspberry Pi or an MCU like the Arduino or ESP8266 without a CC debugger. This however requires you to buy 4 female-female Dupont cables. You will also need to bend the debug pins on your CC2531 if you don’t want to buy a downloader cable too.

What’s next? #

Flashing the CC2531 USB stick