IMPORTANT: Before you start, make sure that permit_join: true is set in your configuration.yaml. Otherwise new devices cannot join the network! It’s equally important that permit_join: false is set in your configuration.yaml after initial setup is done to keep your Zigbee network safe and to avoid accidental joining of other Zigbee devices.

Start by checking if your Zigbee device is supported, see Supported devices.

Once you see something similar to New device with address 0x00159d00016da0c8 connected! in the log your device is paired.


Different devices require different pairing methods. In case you get an Error [ERR_UNHANDLED_ERROR]: Unhandled error. (Cannot get the Node Descriptor of the Device: 0x00158d0001720111) you should try a different pairing method. See Supported devices to figure out if your device is MiJia or Aqara.

NOTE: When you fail to pair a device, try replacing the battery, this could solve the problem.

Belkin WeMo smart LED bulb

Resetting or Restoring the Wemo® Smart LED Bulb, F7C033


The factory reset procedure differs between TRADFRI components:

IKEA TRADFRI signal repeater (E1746)

Push the reset button of the device with a paperclip for 5 seconds. While pairing the LED is flashing/dimming slowly. Once the pairing is finished, the LED stays on.

IKEA TRADFRI remote control (E1524)

Pair the remote to Zigbee2mqtt by holding it close to the coordinator and pressing the button next to the battery 4 times. The red light on the remote will now flash a few times.

Müller Licht

Tint remote control (MLI-404011)

Remove the battery cover and use the cover to press the button above the batteries. Press and hold this button for 10-20 seconds and release the button. After that the remote should show up as a paired device.

Tint LED bulb GU10/E14/E27 350/470/806 lumen, dimmable, color, opal white (404000/404005/404012)

Turn the light bulb five times on and off. After turning it on the sixth time, it will indicate with colors that the bulb is pairing.

Philips Hue

Factory reset the light bulb see HOWTO: Factory reset a Hue bulb. After resetting the bulb will automatically connect.

Philips LivingColors (Friends of HUE)

Philips LivingColors IRIS and Philips LivingColors Bloom Devices that comes with Philips (HUE) Remote Gen 2 (Touch Wheel) or Gen 3 (Round Click Wheel) can be paired via Zigbee. Devices with Gen 1 Remote don’t use Zigbee and can not be paired. The Philips LivingColors Remote can not be paired via Zigbee because it only support ZigBee Light Link (ZLL).

To Pair hold Button ON and Bottom Left Key (Favorite 1) on the Remote in Front of the Device until the Device Light blinks and lights Orange. If connection was succesfull the Device Light will light Green.

WARNING: If you pair your Device to a Zigbee Network which is not using a ZLL Channel you can’t reset the Device with the Philips LivingColors Remote Gen 3. The Gen 3 Remote will only try ZLL Channels to find the Device! Maybe it’s possible to reset the Device with a Philips LivingColors Remote Gen 2 as it should try all Zigbee Channels to find the Device.

Philips LivingColors Bloom Manual

Philips LivingColors Iris Manual


Factory reset using Innr manual reset instructions. After resetting the bulb will automatically connect.


Follow instructions from How do I reset my Hive Active Light?. After resetting the bulb will automatically connect.


OSRAM Light Bulb

Follow instruction from Manual reset. After resetting the bulb will automatically connect.

OSRAM Smart+ Plug

For the OSRAM Smart+ plug (AB3257001NJ) hold the on/off button until your hear a click (+- 10 seconds).

OSRAM Smart+ Switch Mini

For the OSRAM Smart+ Switch Mini (AC0251100NJ) hold the Middle and Arrow Down Buttons for 10 Seconds to Reset the Device. Hold the Middle and Arrow Up Buttons for 3 Seconds to connect. If the Switch is connected hold Middle and Arrow Up Buttons for 3 Seconds to disconnect.


For the OSRAM Switch 4x-LIGHTIFY (AB371860055) hold the Bottom Left and Top Right Button for 3 Seconds to connect.


Factory reset the plug (hold the switch button for >10sec). After resetting the switch will automatically connect.

Netvox power socket

Factory reset by:


Some of the Gledopto devices are not providing a modelID, in that case the modelID undefined is shown. Sometimes it helps to repair the device while keeping it close to the coordinator (less than one meter).

If this fails, the modelID has to be set manually in data/database.db. First find out the modelID of your devices from the Supported devices page. Then open data/database.db and add the modelId as highlighted in bold below.

{“id”:50,”type”:”Router”,”ieeeAddr”:”0x00124b0019c606cd”,”nwkAddr”:10828,”manufId”:0,”manufName”:”GLEDOPTO”,”powerSource”:”Mains (single phase)”,“modelId”:”GL-S-007Z”,”epList”:[11,13],”status”:”offline”,”joinTime”:null,”endpoints”:{“11”:{“profId”:49246,”epId”:11,”devId”:528,”inClusterList”:[0,3,4,5,6,8,768],”outClusterList”:[],”clusters”:{“genBasic”:{“dir”:{“value”:1},”attrs”:{}},”genIdentify”:{“dir”:{“value”:1},”attrs”:{}},”genGroups”:{“dir”:{“value”:1},”attrs”:{}},”genScenes”:{“dir”:{“value”:1},”attrs”:{}},”genOnOff”:{“dir”:{“value”:1},”attrs”:{}},”genLevelCtrl”:{“dir”:{“value”:1},”attrs”:{}},”lightingColorCtrl”:{“dir”:{“value”:1},”attrs”:{}}}},”13”:{“profId”:49246,”epId”:13,”devId”:57694,”inClusterList”:[4096],”outClusterList”:[4096],”clusters”:{“lightLink”:{“dir”:{“value”:3},”attrs”:{}}}}},”_id”:”geCEMkRqlaMe6muE”}


Peanut Smart Plug (PP-WHT-US)

Additional steps are required because the Peanut Smart Plug does not provide a modelId in its database entry, and thus zigbee2mqtt cannot identify the product or how to handle it.

Reset the device and initiate pairing mode by holding the pairing button (the small button next to the on/off button) for ten seconds, releasing the button, and unplugging the device. When plugged back in, the front LED will be blinking red and ready to receive a pairing request. When paired successfully, the red LED on the plug will stop blinking.

After pairing, you must stop zigbee2mqtt and manually edit the zigbee2mqtt database.db file with a text editor (note that the file may be owned by root). Find each line where the Peanut Smart Plug is listed (look for “SecuriFi Ltd.” in the ManufName field) and add "modelId":"PP-WHT-US", between two existing fields.

For example, change ..."manufId":4098,"manufName":"Securifi Ltd.... to ..."manufId":4098,"modelId":"PP-WHT-US","manufName":"Securifi Ltd.... on each line for the device.

Save the file and restart zigbee2mqtt.


Trust Remote control (ZYCT-202)

Factory reset the remote by holding the 0 (off) button for +-20 seconds. To establish a connection keep the remote within 2 meters from the hub. Press and hold the smart group button (button with two bulbs) and wait until the lights, below the channels, flash.

Trust Wireless contact sensor (ZCTS-808)

When pairing the sensor with Zigbee2MQTT, keep opening and closing the sensor (pull/insert the sensor parts next to eachother) for 10 seconds, otherwise device will fall asleep before it gets fully configured and will not send state changes.