User extensions #

User extensions is a way to extend Zigbee2MQTT behavior, user extensions works in same way as internal extensions.

To get familiar with extensions framework please read source code of internal extensions.

User extensions are stored in data/extension folder and have to export a JavaScript Class or Function.


File: data/extension/my-first-extension.js

class MyExampleExtension {
    constructor(zigbee, mqtt, state, publishEntityState, eventBus, settings, logger) {
        this.zigbee = zigbee;
        this.mqtt = mqtt;
        this.state = state;
        this.publishEntityState = publishEntityState;
        this.eventBus = eventBus;
        this.settings = settings;
        this.logger = logger;'Loaded  MyExampleExtension');

     * This method is called by the controller once Zigbee has been started.
    // onZigbeeStarted() {}

     * This method is called by the controller once connected to the MQTT server.
    onMQTTConnected() {
        this.mqtt.publish('example/extension', 'hello from MyExampleExtension');

     * Is called when a Zigbee message from a device is received.
     * @param {string} type Type of the message
     * @param {Object} data Data of the message
     * @param {Object?} resolvedEntity Resolved entity returned from this.zigbee.resolveEntity()
     * @param {Object?} settingsDevice Device settings
    // onZigbeeEvent(type, data, resolvedEntity) {}

     * Is called when a MQTT message is received
     * @param {string} topic Topic on which the message was received
     * @param {Object} message The received message
     * @return {boolean} if the message was handled
    // onMQTTMessage(topic, message) {}

     * Is called once the extension has to stop
    stop() {

module.exports = MyExampleExtension;

User extensions list #

Once Zigbee2MQTT starts it publishes zigbee2mqtt/bridge/extensions with payload [{"name": "my-first-extension.js": "code": <HERE COMES YOUR EXTENSION SOURCE CODE>}] containing all the loaded user extensions.

Save user extension #

To save a user extension over the API publish to zigbee2mqtt/bridge/request/extension/save with payload {"name": "my-first-extension.js", "code": <HERE COMES YOUR EXTENSION SOURCE CODE>}.

Remove user extension #

To remove a user extension over the API publish to zigbee2mqtt/bridge/request/extension/remove with payload {"name": "my-first-extension.js"}.