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Gledopto GL-C-008

Model GL-C-008
Vendor Gledopto
Description Zigbee LED controller RGB + CCT / RGBW / WWCW / Dimmer
Supports on/off, brightness, color temperature, color xy
Picture Gledopto GL-C-008



Some of the Gledopto devices are not providing a modelID, in that case the modelID undefined is shown. Sometimes it helps to repair the device while keeping it close to the coordinator (less than one meter).

If this fails, the modelID has to be set manually in data/database.db. First find out the modelID of your devices from the Supported devices page. Then open data/database.db and add the modelId as highlighted in bold below.

{“id”:50,”type”:”Router”,”ieeeAddr”:”0x00124b0019c606cd”,”nwkAddr”:10828,”manufId”:0, “manufName”:”GLEDOPTO”,”powerSource”:”Mains (single phase)”,“modelId”:”GL-S-007Z”, “epList”:[11,13],”status”:”offline”,”joinTime”:null,”endpoints”:{ “11”:{“profId”:49246,”epId”:11,”devId”:528,”inClusterList”:[0,3,4,5,6,8,768], “outClusterList”:[],”clusters”:{“genBasic”:{“dir”:{“value”:1},”attrs”:{}}, “genIdentify”:{“dir”:{“value”:1},”attrs”:{}},”genGroups”:{“dir”:{“value”:1},”attrs”:{}}, “genScenes”:{“dir”:{“value”:1},”attrs”:{}},”genOnOff”:{“dir”:{“value”:1},”attrs”:{}}, “genLevelCtrl”:{“dir”:{“value”:1},”attrs”:{}},”lightingColorCtrl”:{“dir”:{“value”:1},”attrs”:{}}}}, “13”:{“profId”:49246,”epId”:13,”devId”:57694,”inClusterList”:[4096],”outClusterList”:[4096], “clusters”:{“lightLink”:{“dir”:{“value”:3},”attrs”:{}}}}},”_id”:”geCEMkRqlaMe6muE”}



  1. Switch on your device.
  2. Now switch off and on within 2 seconds.
  3. Repeat off/on four times.
  4. Reset is done when the device is switched on in the fifth time and the light stays on after blinking 4 times

Device type specific configuration

How to use device type specific configuration

Manual Home Assistant configuration

Although Home Assistant integration through MQTT discovery is preferred, manual integration is possbile with the following configuration:

  - platform: "mqtt"
    state_topic: "zigbee2mqtt/<FRIENDLY_NAME>"
    availability_topic: "zigbee2mqtt/bridge/state"
    brightness: true
    color_temp: true
    xy: true
    schema: "json"
    command_topic: "zigbee2mqtt/<FRIENDLY_NAME>/set"

  - platform: "mqtt"
    state_topic: "zigbee2mqtt/<FRIENDLY_NAME>"
    availability_topic: "zigbee2mqtt/bridge/state"
    unit_of_measurement: "-"
    value_template: "{{ value_json.linkquality }}"