Device specific configuration

The configuration.yaml allows to set device specific configuration. The following options are available.

All devices

Device type specific

Some devices support device type specific configuration, e.g. RTCGQ11LM. To see if your device has device type specific configuration, visit the device page by going to Supported devices and clicking on the model number.

Changing device type specific defaults

The default values used for the device specific configuration can be overriden via e.g.:

  occupancy_timeout: 130
  temperature_precision: 1


    friendly_name: 'my_occupancy_sensor'
    retain: true
    qos: 1
    debounce: 0.5
    retrieve_state: false
      # Applied to all discovered entities.
      expire_after: 30
      # Only applied to discovered temperature sensor.
        icon: mdi:oil-temperature
        # Omit values by setting them to null, e.g. don't send device_class
        device_class: null
    # Device type specific examples
    occupancy_timeout: 120
    no_occupancy_since: [10, 600]